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Hello World!!

By guest, Apr 17 2015 02:51PM

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Sep 30 2015 06:43PM by English S. Van Elslander

Hello my name is English you may remember me as Indigo or Ingo which is what I was being called while being cared for by the wonderful people at homes Fur ever and Ace vet back in 2012 I think it was.
Today my name is officially English Setter Van Elslander but only when being naughty is my full ne used so u salt i go by:
Gish, Pitbull,Tweazle, brown a#* angel silk or just English.
I am blogging to let everyone involved in my care before I was adopted by my parents know that you not only save my life but my moms too!
I know she'd love to know my story and the hardships I went thru to get to her.
Thank you for doing what you do!
Today's update is : I now live out of MI and am in a new home w my fur sister. My mom and I do everything together and my dad wants to adopt 100 more me's but I'm not sure I'm willin to share �� but How bad could one more person/Lawson be to love on! The phrase "lover not a fighter" could have been based on me! What can I say I am a PITBULL afterall❤️��

Feb 20 2017 02:04PM by julie

Super nice and very inexpensive for excellent care.

Jun 23 2017 04:19PM by Carla burke

Hi. I've called your office about 20 times this morning. I can't get thru. Please call me at 734 377 8987 I need to make an appt. Thankd

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